veni. vedi. cepi. - I came. I saw. I captured!
A3+ and A4 product is made from genuine EPSON archival quality paper and ink.

Colour Print - "Great Egret" (0635)


A3+ images printed on Epson Radiant White water-colour Matte paper.
A4 images printed on Epson Archival Matte paper.


The Intermediate Egret is entirely white, with the colour of its bare parts (beak, lores, eyes and legs) changing through different stages of the breeding cycle. It sprouts long plumes during the breeding season, which has provided it with an alternative name, the Plumed Egret.

Unlike some other egrets that occur in Australia, the Intermediate Egret occasionally occurs in flocks which may contain hundreds of birds. They gather to forage among the dense aquatic vegetation which grows in the shallows of a variety of freshwater wetlands.

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