veni. vedi. cepi. - I came. I saw. I captured!

Nature Photography - Drones

Recently I witnessed a drone hovering around a meter over the top of a pelican at Long Jetty. The poor bird was clearly distressed by the drone as it was ducking its head and trying to avoid this unwanted intrusion on its peaceful life. I quickly looked for who was piloting said drone and located him fairly quickly. I suggested it was poor form to do this to the poor bird and fortunately his response was appropriate.
Sadly this kind of lack of thought will lead to more and more regulation being forced on the drone flying community.
I fly a drone myself and we do not want added regulation.
I was in Hawaii recently and was stunned at the number of places that explicitly banned the flying of drones.
Lets call out bad behavior when we see it and do so in a polite way!

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